Debts Recovery

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Money is business. Free flow of capital from persons that have reasonable resources to persons who are in need of capital is the way the business is run. Identifying debtor who has propensity to repay is one activity. But there are many a failure in business even with good management practices. Debt recovery laws in India are often intricate and challenging. The success is to be prepared for crisis and not at all times believe that crisis will not arrise. Even a person who is identified as honest and resourceful may fail.

Recovery of debts in India is therefore an important activity that should be handled by persons who will do it with deft handling and swiftness in approach. Institutional suits and recovery of amounts are not the only methods of recovery of debts. Arts of persuasion, securing the necessary details of property and resources of the debtor are equally important.

We have the team which can help secure the recovery of debts without having to resort to courts. The preparation of debt instruments themselves are important so that in the event of default there is an easy method of securing the recoveries by processes such as seizure of documents or putting up properties offers security for sale without the involvement of court procedures. We at supreme laws have the resources and manpower to ensure that the work is done with minimal court intervention and in the quickest time.

Our lawyers team across the nation endorse that even the most difficult debts are swiftly recovered. We offer debt recovery services in India from manufacturing to distribution to retail and services sector. We cover telecom companies, banks & finance institutions, private companies, business houses and e-companies, etc.