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Intellectual Property Laws

The main objective of the Trade Marks Act, 1999 is to register trademarks applied for in the country and to provide for better protection of trade mark for various type of goods and services and it also to prevent fraudulent use of the mark in an illegal manner.
We offer and provide our clients a comprehensive of legal services under one roof the trademark and copyright laws. It ranges from searching of trademark to disputes related to passing off and infringements of trademark and copy right. We provide services starting from the trademark registry to protection of registered mark by means of IPR law ways.We have a team of experts Property Cases Advocate or Best Prpoerty Dispute Advocate in delhi who resolve all types of property cases, who hanldes variour types of property cases and provide best results to all clients.

Offer services includes:
⇒ Searching of Mark for the suggestion made by client.
⇒ Filing of application for registration of trade mark;
⇒ Filing objections/reply before registrar;
⇒ Protection of copyright and trademark;
⇒ Geographical Indications
⇒ Anti-counterfeit actions
⇒ Civil suits before ADJ / High courts for injunctions, infringements and rendition of accounts; passing off.etc.
⇒ Criminal complaints before magistrates under Copy Right Act;
⇒ Consumer protection;
⇒ Rectification and invalidation proceedings;
⇒ Infringement & Passing-Off Actions;
⇒ Assignment, Licensing, Use, Supply of Computer Services Agreements
⇒ Confidential Information Protection
⇒ Licensing of Intellectual Property
⇒ Registrations & Opposition Proceedings
⇒ Best Property Dispute Advocate in Delhi
⇒ Integrated circuits
⇒ Know-how protection
⇒ Trademarks, Patents & Copyrights, Designs, Trade secrets;
⇒ Unfair competition etc.
⇒ Dispute Resolution
⇒ Property Cases Advocate in Delhi
⇒ Any other legal remedy and protection to our clients prescribed by law of the land.