Cyber Laws & IT Laws

Cyber Laws and IT laws

The (IT) ACT Information Technology Act has been passed to give effect to the UN resolution and to promote efficient delivery of Government services by means of reliable electronic records. As per preamble to the Act, the purpose of Act is
(a) to provide legal recognition for transactions carried out by means of electronic data interchange and other means of electronic communication, commonly referred to as "electronic commerce", which involve the use of alternatives to paper-based methods of communication and storage of information and
(b) to facilitate electronic filing of documents with the Government agencies.
We provide our expert and comprehensive legal Services to our clients to protect from the cyber crimes and effective remedy end to end, if any one of our client is victim of phishing, hacking, and by other mode of cyber crimes victimized. We offer the following services to our clients to face complex changes that are inevitable for the smooth functioning of electronic/digital and e-commerce world, namely:

⇒ Disclaimer
⇒ Digital signatures
⇒ Security procedure for electronic records and digital signature
⇒ Proceedings before Certifying Authorities and Controller of Certifying Authorities,
⇒ Completion of Procedure before the Certifying authorities to obtain License to issue digital signature certificates
⇒ Drafting of Electronic contracts
⇒ Drafting of vender and vendee agreements under the provisions of IT Act
⇒ Proceeding for Various types of computer crimes defined under the I.T. Act 2000.
⇒ Proceedings before Adjudicating Officer
⇒ Proceeding and enquiry/inquiries done by adjudication officers under the said Act
⇒ Proceeding before Cyber Appellate Tribunal
⇒ Appeal from order of Adjudicating Officer to Cyber Appellate Tribunal
⇒ Appeal from order of Cyber Appellate Tribunal to High Court
⇒ Complaints pertaining to the offences or contraventions committed outside India