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We offer and provides comprehensive legal services to our clients under litigation of civil laws which including money recovery, recovery disputes, suits related to children, wards, guardianships, estate, property, custody, execution, claims, partitions and various petitions etc. We are also known for the great Civil Cases Advocate in Delhi, law related to children custody, Property, guardianship, recovery of money and property, marriage and court marriage, Will, succession, Estate, Probate of Will, Letter of administration etc, and before all courts in Delhi NCR & India, Tribunals, Boards, Commissions and other Quasi-Judicial, Judicial or Before any Authorities throughout India. Our services include Legal Consultation, drafting pleading and appearing in the courts or any legal authority whatsoever.

The following services namely as under:

⇒ Suit for partition of movable or immovable properties;
⇒ Suit for permanent/mandatory/temporary injunctions;
⇒ Suit for declaration;
⇒ Suit for recovery of money, estate, property (Movable or immovable), debts, dues etc.
⇒ Suit for specific performances of contacts or agreements;
⇒ Petitions under child and wards act, guardianship act.
⇒ Petition for custody of children, wards on behalf of Parents and guardians, appointments of gradians through court order, etc.
⇒ Petition for obtaining succession certificate, probate/letter of administration
⇒ Suits under Hindu succession and Indian Succession Act;
⇒ Petition related to election disputes under the law enforced;
⇒ Hit and Run Claims cases,
⇒ Accident Claims before MACT
⇒ Recovery of Debts Due to financial institutions before DRTs.
⇒ Petitions before CAT under Service Laws, for service and its related matter
⇒ Petition before the AFT (Armed Force Tribunal) for the service matter dispute of Army men.
⇒ Petitions before SEBI/FERA/MRTP board/tribunals & CCI (Competition commission of India) etc;
⇒ Petition before the NGT (National Green Tribunal) for Envoirmental Matters
⇒ Writs petitions before High Courts and Supreme Courts;
⇒ Revision, Review, Appeal, Special leave to Appeal etc.
⇒ Any other petitions permissible by code of civil procedure, 1908.

We also Offer the facility of services related to conveyencing of Notices, Deeds and Agreements, Family Settlements, MOU’s, Merger And Acquisition Documentation & Wills with High Degree of confidentiality:

⇒ Notices
⇒ WILL, Gift, Sale Deed etc
⇒ Tenders
⇒ Agreements
⇒ Deeds of All Types eg. (Gift Deed, Sale Deed, Trust Deed. etc.)
⇒ Settlement Deed, Compromise Deed and Compromise Agreements.
⇒ AGM Agenda Drafting , Rules & Regulation Drafting, Resolutions, Constitutional Changes Drafting;